Speeding tickets comes with many different consequences that affect people differently.


Speeding tickets come with 3, 4, or 6 demerit points.Judges in Virginia have no control over DMV points. The DMV assigns points not the courts.

  • Speeding more than 20 mph over the limit                 6 Demerit Points
  • Speeding 10-19 mph over the limit                             4 Demerit Points
  • Speeding 1-9 mph over the limit                                 3 Demerit Points
  • 46.2-877 (Driving too slowly)                                    3 Demerit Points

To learn more about the DMV point system and how to to protect your record click here.


There are various costs and fines associated with a speeding ticket in Virginia. If you decide to prepay your speeding ticket the fines will be approximately as follows:

  • 46.2-870          Speeding Generally                                         $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-871          Speeding: School Buses                                  $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-872          Speeding: Special Permit Vehicles                 $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-873          Speeding in School Zone                                $7 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-874          Speeding in Business/Residential Districts     $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-876          Speeding: Passenger Vehicles w/ Trailers       $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-878          Exceeding Speed Limit Set by DOT              $6 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-878.1       Speeding in a Work Zone                               $7 per mph over the speed limit
  • 46.2-878.2       Speeding: Certain Residential Zone               $200 + $8 per mph over the limit
  • 46.2-881          Speeding in Certain Bridges/Tunnels             $6 per mph over the speed limit

(If you are charged with speeding in a Highway Safety Corridor then the fine doubles)

  • Court Costs (also known as Processing Fees)                         $62.00 for the first charge, $11 for each additional charge with the same court date.

When a driver goes to court to challenge a traffic ticket, the worst maximum fine the judge may order is $250 in addition to the $62 court costs. (If you are charged with speeding in a Highway Safety Corridor then the fine doubles). For more information about speeding ticket fines and court costs click here.

Higher Insurance Premiums

The amount of money you pay because of an increase in auto insurance is often much more then all the fines and court costs you pay to the court. Insurance premium hikes typically last 3-5 years and can be very expensive. If a speeding ticket is over 20 mph over the speed limit, the increase in insurance can be comparable to getting a reckless driving ticket. For more information about how speeding tickets affect insurance click here.

DMV Probation or Suspensions

Getting too many demerit points too quickly can result in a DMV license suspension or being placed on DMV probation. The court cannot control or prevent  DMV points or DMV suspensions. Here is a list of the consequences for when an adult over the age of 19 gets DMV points.

Consequences of Demerit Points in Virginia        (Adult Drivers)
Within 12 months Within 24 months
8 points Letter from DMV Nothing
12 points Mandatory driver-improvement class Letter from DMV
18 points Mandatory 90-day license suspension + driver-improvement class + probation for six months Mandatory driver-improvement class
24 points Mandatory 90-day license suspension + driver-improvement class + probation for six months Mandatory 90-day license suspension + driver-improvement class + probation for six months

Juveniles and young adults are handled differently.For a full explanation of the Virginia DMV point system click here.

Probation Violation

If you are on probation, especially for a criminal driving offense, some judges will violate your probation over a speeding ticket. It depending entirely on the judge you put you on probation and the terms of that probation. If you are on active or inactive probation, talk to an attorney before you prepay any traffic ticket.

Effects on Employment

If you drive a company vehicle or drive for your profession traffic tickets can cost you your job. Bus drivers, taxi drives, uber drivers, maintenance men, repair men, delivery persons, and even construction workers can sometime lose their jobs over speeding tickets. If driving is part of your job, talk to your HR representative before you go to court or prepay your ticket. If a speeding ticket will affect you, contact one of our speeding ticket attorneys immediately.

Commercial Driver License Holders

CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders need to be very careful about speeding tickets. 15 mph Speeding tickets are considered “serious offenses” under the federal and state CDL licensing rules. Two serious offenses in three years will result in a mandatory CDL license suspension. Additionally, most trucking companies will fire anyone who accrues too many tickets. Some companies have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to speeding tickets. If you have a CDL and a pending speeding ticket get a free consultation with our traffic attorneys today.

Out-of-State Drivers

Different states treat Virginia speeding tickets differently. For instance. a Maryland drivers will receive 0 points for a 15 mph over Virginia speeding ticket. A New Jersey driver would receive 2 demerit points for the same speeding ticket. And a North Carolina driver would have their license suspended for 30 days for the exact same ticket. If you have a license from another state and you get a speeding ticket in Virginia, your home state will determine the points and penalties for your ticket so be careful. If you are concerned about the affects of your Virginia speeding ticket, call (703) 383-9222 to get a free consultation with a speeding defense attorney today.

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